【FALL GUYS】New Update!

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Moments ago it was revealed in the channel Watson Amelia Ch. hololive-EN, the amazing video “【FALL GUYS】New Update!”.

As informed in the youtube page by Watson Amelia Ch. hololive-EN: “working on something so I pushed back stream a bit~\n\nnew update!(for me anyways)\n\n\n【Please read the following rules so we can all have fun】\n\n►Be respectful to each other\n►Don’t spam excessively \n►DO NOT TYPE YOUR WHOLE MESSAGE IN ALL CAPS LOCK LIKE THIS \n►Don’t raid others OR discuss me in other channels unless I am explicitly brought up\n►Try not to backseat*\n►If you see people doing any of the above, just try to ignore it and enjoy the stream! Or at least poke fun at them respectfully :)\n\n*I like to play games my own way: mostly by learning through experience and being wrong. Sometimes, I will ask for help and even then, I may choose not to take your advice. Launch the game yourself if you want to see it played your way or at least pay money to yell at me (」゚ロ゚)」$$$\n\nReading chat is part of the fun and why I love streaming, if you refuse to follow the rules, then you just won’t be able to join in. \n\n-1\nThis game is being streamed and monetized after confirmation with Devolver Digital.\n=========================\n\n[Fan Work Guidelines]\nhttps://en.hololive.tv/terms\n\n=========================\n\n[Official Online Shop]\nhttps://hololive.booth.pm/\n\n[Holoschedule] (Check all members streaming schedules)\nhttps://schedule.hololive.tv/#hololive\n\n=========================\n\n[Hololive Production]\n・Hololive English YouTube Channel: https://t.co/LcYDgFF9V0?amp=1\n・Hololive Production Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/hololivetv\n・Hololive English Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/hololive_En\n・Hololive English Official Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Hololive/\n\n=========================\nBGM used\n- DOVA-SYNDROME\nURL: https://dova-s.jp\n\n#holoMyth \n#hololiveEnglish”

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