Donwload the Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK

Donwload the Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK

While we are patiently waiting for the game realse, there is a great way to have a litte taste of what is comming in Harry Potter Wizards Unite if you are on Android! All you need to do is to download the APK and intall it on your device.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Since the game is currently in beta stage at the moment we are posting this, your actions in the game will be very limited. You wont be able to find any creatures or points of intrest unless you signed up for the beta and live in New Zeland or Australia.

Actually, you preaty much will only be able to complete the tutorial by finishing your first mission and check out the UI in the game. Still, its a valid way to experience what is to come.

To downlolad the APK we recommend you to use APK Mirror, its a famous web site that provides APK for lots of Apps. We use it a lot to download the latest version of games like Pokemon Go, even before the update hits our country Play Store.

Here is the link to download. To install it you may need to allow third party apps to be installed in your device. The way to do this may vary according to your device. Our tip here is to do a quick Google search with your device name plus the words “Allow third party apps”, and it should return you a bunch of easy to follow tutorials.

After this steps just the intalled app and have fun!

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