How to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite

How to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Joining the other witches and wizards who are already playing the game is a bit tricky, but we are here to help you to try.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

At the moment, its only possible to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta if you live in Australia and New Zeland, and there is no information about when the game will be available in other parts of the world, except that the game will be released in 2019, according to the FAQ in the official website.

According to Niantic and WB Games, the companies producing the game, only those residing in New Zealand or Australia are eligible for the chance to download the game on the App Store or Google Play at this time.

But dont get upset just yet! This doesnt mean that you can´t at least try!
If you live outside of this two countrys you can still download the APK and give it a go! The only problem with that are the limitations. You will only be able play the tutorial and perform a few actions in the game.

Another great idea if you are on android is to go to the play store and search for Harry Potter Wizards Unite. You may find the option to sing up for the beta. This will give you the ability to play the game if the producers decide to relase in your country.

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