Wizards Unite Beta: Version 0.8.0 What s New?

Wizards Unite Beta: Version 0.8.0 What s New?

few minutes ago a new video entitled Wizards Unite Beta: Version 0.8.0 What’s New? was posted by the youtube channel: Zealman’s Wizarding World

As published in the page by Zealman’s Wizarding World: Welcome Magical Folk!
This video is in two halves, the first half is no spoilers and the second half we spoil you rotten. So pick your preference.
So this is a big update to Harry Potter Wizards Unite and they have dealt with a load of bugs.
There are still a good few outstanding so we’ll be looking at those.
Here is the run down:
We’ll be checking the public list of updates from the news
Then we’ll go through what is outstanding and whether this is a show stopper.
Then the fun begins for the brave, with the help of Wizards Unite World we look into what’s hidden in the code.
Information on the Profile Picture system, It is what we all dreamed of!!!!!
We tear down the Fantastic Flora and Fauna Event and see what we need to do.

You can check out the Spoiler Article here:

Wizards Unite 1.8.0 (0.8.0) Released

WUTube Community Discord link: https://discord.gg/dVej8Sb

Artist: Mathias​ Loose
Song: Harry Potter – Double Trouble (Sort Stof Remix)
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mathiasloose
Special permission obtained.

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