Today, a few time ago a another good video called ANY POKEMON 1-510, SHINY FREE GIVEAWAY!!!!!! (293 TO GO) was revealed by the Youtuber: R3TRO

As informed in the youtube description by R3TRO: Support the stream: Multistreaming with
Twitch Link –
Facebook Live Link –
Youtube Link –

Free Shiny/Rare Pokemon Giveaway Stream
500 Discord Members, so for meeting this goal, I giving away half of the Pokedex.

All Pokemon are 100% Legal
All Pokemon are shiny where applicable & battle ready.
(The Differences are Dream World Pokemon)
*I am always lurking in chat, and can look up years of history for the stream, so please follow the rules below and we won’t have any problems.*

Regardless of what game I am playing I will be giving away Pokemon Until the release of the New Pokemon Game.

1. Please be respectful to all members.

2. Don’t ask to be a mod. The owner decides who deserves to be a moderator.

3. Respect both the mods and admins. If there are any issue happening in the server, tag any of the mod or admin that’s available, don’t tag the owner unless it’s something very urgent or if no mods/admins are available.

4. Do not cause/start any trouble, spam, harass or drama. We’ll give you a warning; however, if it continues, you will either get kick or temp-ban. timeouts range from 300 Seconds, to perm.
While you do not have any limitations on spam if it gets out hand it will be enforced.
**USE !rules, or !rules2, to get up to date information about the stream.

5. The trades are determined by a bot, or bots its a single program with a discord integration. Your trade will be announced in chat. YOU are never skipped, if it is not as it appears on screen there are a few reasons,
such as version specific exclusive Pokemon, such as Dusk-Lycanroc. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE CORRECT VERSION YOU HAVE A CHANCE OF CRASHING THE BOT FOR EVERYONE!, Please do not be that guy messing it up for everyone

6. I work 14 hour days, I now have more data on my cell phone, but am a busy body with two jobs, I have staff here to help you.

This takes alot of effort with two full time jobs, so If you would be willing to check out my discord When you get there you will want to check out the verify channels.
#verify , #how-to-verify , #cant-verify-come-here, staff will need to use @yui

you can use !commands, %help, !mods, !list, !filter, !name, and much more you can also view my FC by using !fc,

Even with a Pokemon List command to use it’s hard to see what’s available so here is the list

Jellicent (Female) , Sandslash Both Versions, Both Muks, Xerneas, Delcatty, Kecleon, Hawlucha, Elective, Magmortar, Rhyperior, Eevee, HEATRAN , HONCHKROW, GRANBULL, HYDREIGON


ALL ULTRA BEASTS, ALL STARTER EVOLUTIONS/Duskull (LEVEL 5), Zorua (LEVEL 5)/Moltres/Articuno/Phione/Venomoth/Bidoof/Trevenant/Caterpie/Decidueye
/Golurk/Aggron/Aegislash/Beedrill/Incenroar/Primarina/Salamence/ Bastiodon/Cradily/Rampardos/Palossand/Beartic/Aerodactyl/Archeops/Salazzle/Mimikyu/
Armaldo/Gengar/Bronzong/Scizor/Shuckle/Porygon2/PorygonZ/Tyrantrum/Toxapex/Basculin/ Smeargle/Aurorus/Omastar/Kabutops/Metagross/Latias/Kyogre/ Groudon/ Mewtwo/ Latios
Zapdos/Tangrowth/ Slurpuff/ Yveltal/Palkia/ Dialga/ Giratina/ Rapidash/ Dusk Lycanroc/ Quagsire/Blastoise/ Charizard/ Venusaur/Alolan Ninetails/ Tyranitar/ Roserade/
Steelix/Umbreon/Mawile/Passimian/Oranguru/Vespiqueen/Kyurem/Rayquaza/ DUSK LYCANROC READDED USUM ONLY NOT SM. Claydol/Gliscor/Crabominable/Kingler/Crawdaunt
/Xatu/ Chandlelure/ Jellicent/Poipole/Liepard/Gible (LEVEL 5)/Durant/Castform/RESHIRAM/ZEKROM/EEVEELUTIONS/Excadrill/
Golispod/Raichu(SURF/HP ICE)/Machamp/Volcarona/Swalot/Goodra/Sigilyph/Unown/Talonflame/Lunala/Solgaleo/Arcanine/Plusle/Minun, NECROZMA AND XURTITREE/VOLCARONA

Trades happen via the GTS using Magikarp as the deposit! (So make sure to stock up on Magikarp! Note: Much easier to breed them then catch them)

The bots will need your Friend Code to perform trades!

We Half of the Pokedex, excluding Mythicals!(Game Freak does not allow Mythicals to be traded over the GTS, otherwise we would have them too) use !list

Check Out the video :

We will keep following releated news and publishing anything we discover

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