Ingress hacking tutorial for version 1.61.2: location spoofing


Ingress has a very solid fan base who likes to play the game as its intended to play. For that reason, videos, tutorials and guides on how to spoof in ingress are hard to come by. Thats why we dicided to share this one, after all, now everyone has access to portals, or like me, cant drive for two hours to get to next city where you can find just a few.

Ingress boss has posted an intresing video on his channel about this topic, and a few positve comments have been written. We do not advise you to follow his steps and risk your account, but if you are like me and has nothing to lose, it might be worth a try, after all, you may end up with hours of fun in this amazing games.

His video is embed below, and if you follow his steps, take the necessary precautions to avoid damaging your pc or phone. A simple google seach may give you the details to keep your files and data safe.

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