Splatoon 2 | Turf Wars | I Inked Myself!

Splatoon 2 | Turf Wars | I Inked Myself!

Today, just a few time ago a brand new video entitled Splatoon 2 | Turf Wars | I Inked Myself! was uploaded by the youtube channel: Typods

As informed in the video page by Typods: Hi. I made this as requested by one of my subscribers. If you guys want to see more, you can comment and I will respond. If you want to see something else, I will list the games I own below. Enjoy!

Games I own:

– Splatoon 2
– Super Smash Bros Ultimate
– Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
– Zelda: BOTW
– Yoshi’s Crafted World
– New Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe
– Super Mario Odyssey
– Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu!
– Super Mario Party
– Kirby Star Allies
– Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
– Cupheads
– Stardew Valley
– Just Dance Kids 2
– Pokepark 2
– Wii Play
– Mario Kart Wii
– Super Mario Galaxy
– Super Mario Galaxy 2
– Donkey Kong Country Returns
– Wii Sports
– Wii Sports Resort
– New Super Mario Bros Wii
– Sims4
– Skate3
– Just Dance 4
– Halo Reach
– Halo 4
– Destiny
– Phineas and Ferb Quest for Cool Stuff
– Red Dead Redemption 2
– Overwatch
– Star Wars Battlefront 2

Check Out the video below:

We will continue to follow releated news and posting anything we discover

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