With the release of the first update for the game, a lot of fuzz is raising confusion in the heads of wizards all arround the world!

The UPDATE is the 0.8.1 version of the game, and to be honest, it doesnt bring a lot of joy to the players eyes.

Wizards Unite Update
Wizards Unite Update

As we still in the early days of the game, with each update we should not expect many pratical changes to the game play and the game features. The first updates of this game are probably going to be dedicated to bug fixes.

I know its not at all what we expect. As fans we always want more features in the game, but we need to remain patient, because fixing what is wrong with the game at this stage will give us the fundation for amazing features in the future!

There is now information on when the social features will be avaliable or when the Wizards will in fact be able to really Unite and work togther to keep the secrets of the Magic World! But compared with the other two games realeased by Niantic games, Wizards Unite is years ahead in terms of features inclued in the game.

In our opinion, they must have learned from previus mistakes and in a few months we might be looking at the best geolocation game ever made! Lets hope so!

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