Alerting Non Muggles to Unite!! #WizardUnite

Alerting Non Muggles to Unite!! #WizardUnite

Today, a few moments ago a another good video titled Alerting Non Muggles to Unite!! #WizardUnite was posted in the channel: The Wandering Wizard

As published in the youtube page by The Wandering Wizard: Credit goes to Goblins From Mars for the amazing Mix check out thier youtube channel here : and you can download thier song free here :

Check out Wizards Go app for a featured list of all my Wizards unite videos as well as other amazing Content creators here:
Again thank you guys for all your support while i find my creative footing i cant wait to start making Wizards Unite Gameplay videos in Central park! See you out there Witches and Wizards Wands Ready!!
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Check Out the video below:

We will keep following the channel and posting everything we discover

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