Finding Geocaches and Munzees. Geocache Stolen? | Vlog #4 |

Finding Geocaches and Munzees. Geocache Stolen? | Vlog #4 |

a few moments ago a another great video called Finding Geocaches and Munzees. Geocache Stolen? | Vlog #4 | was posted by the Youtuber: Adapt Activities

As written in the youtube description by Adapt Activities: Geocache: Geocaching is an app that show you dots of where the geocaches are. A geocache is a hidden container in the location that it brings you to. Inside the container is a paper that you sign. Some geocaches may have objects in them such as toys, D rings, bracelets, etc. If you want to take something from the geocache, you must trade it with something else. There are different types of caches like an EarthCache, MultiCache, or letterbox. There is more. Refer to for more information.

Munzee: Munzee is an app just like geocaching. Except you don’t have to look for a container. Instead you will have to look for a bar code. You can scan it with the app to earn points. You can buy blasts and other things from the munzee app.

Both available for play store and Appstore.

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