Geocaching, How I Got Started, Part 2

Geocaching, How I Got Started, Part 2

Today, a few time ago a new video called Geocaching, How I Got Started, Part 2 was revealed by the Youtuber: R Brown

As written in the video description by R Brown: I started GeoCaching in the early 2000’s with my Garmin StreetPilot-III GPS.

This was in the days before smart phones, wireless data and public WiFi. Back then, I would copy/paste the GeoCache data into a waypoint in the Garmin MapSource program and upload that to my GPS. Then I would print out copies of all the GeoCaches I had waypoints for and head off in my truck to find them.

However, even today, the places I like to GeoCache in still have no connectivity, but with smart phones and some off-line data tricks, it should be possible to simplify this process and make it possible to access this sort of data on the road.

Photo album of my 2004 trip:×4/Nevada/MN_Trip_2004/
as well as another trip the year before:×4/Nevada/NevOre08-2003/

Geocaching web page:

More to come, looking into off-line data access in the GeoCaching app and some other options…

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