Top 7 Wizards Unite Questions REVISITED

Top 7 Wizards Unite Questions REVISITED

just a few minutes ago a brand new video entitled Top 7 Wizards Unite Questions REVISITED was uploaded by the channel: HPWitchesUnite

As informed in the by HPWitchesUnite: My first real YouTube video was Top 7 Questions about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. That was in November 2017, just a few weeks after Niantic and Warner Bros. first announced their collaboration.

It’s now May 2019, and the early release of Wizards Unite is available in New Zealand and Australia. A lot has changed in 18 months, but some questions still remain.

In this video, I once again ask and answer 7 questions about Wizards Unite. Skip to the question that matters to you most!

Wizards Unite release date 1:12
Teams in Wizards Unite 3:13
Gameplay 4:36
Wizards Unite universe 5:56
Legendary beasts 7:49
Pokémon GO and Wizards Unite 8:54
Wizards Unite nickname 12:05

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