What is Geocaching? Come with me today on my geocaching adventure.

What is Geocaching? Come with me today on my geocaching adventure.

a few time ago a brand new video called What is Geocaching? Come with me today on my geocaching adventure. was revealed by the youtube channel: Benji The Bobcat

As published in the description by Benji The Bobcat: Good morning everyone. I’m really sorry about the quality of the video today. I tried a new thing with compressing the movie file so it would upload faster, but it lowered the quality of the movie while doing it. So I’m just going to stick with my old program for now until I can buy a good program. Anyway, I went geocaching with a huge group of my friends. If you don’t know what geocaching is I will explain it at the beginning of the video, and then take you along with us as we search for the geocaches. Please visit Geocaching.com to find geocaches near you. You will be surprised at the amount of them that are close to where you live. and you may even walk by some everyday and not even know it. It’s such a cool thing to do with friends, family, your significant other or just by yourself. Try it out. I know once you do you will be hooked. I have been doing it for several years now and love it more and more all the time. Please let me know if you do get out and try it and if you have any questions about it please let me know by messaging me. It is fun, but can also be challenging too. It’s really fun for kids too because they love to search for treasures too. Just always remember to place it back exactly how you found it in the same place so the next person can find it. Hope you enjoy the video. If you enjoy the video please subscribe to my channel and check out my other videos and feel free to share my videos on other social media like facebook or twitter. Have a great day. See you tomorrow. George

Also a huge thank you to bensound for the music in my videos you can find his music here http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music

Watch the video below:

We will continue to follow the channel and posting everything we find

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