Pokemon GO Fest 2019 Champion | Battle Arena

Pokemon GO Fest 2019 Champion | Battle Arena

a few minutes ago a another amazing video entitled Pokemon GO Fest 2019 Champion | Battle Arena was revealed by the Youtuber: SwagTips

As informed in the video page by SwagTips: Pokemon GO Fest 2019 featured a trainer battle arena. In this arena, trainers battled for the gold in Great League PvP! 16 trainers enter, 1 walks out as the Pokemon GO Fest 2019 Champion. Of course ya boi Swag got in on this and took the Gold! This video lightly covers the open great league meta, my team for the tournament, and features my four battles to the top of the arena! Overall, my opponents fought well, but there can only be one Pokemon GO Fest Chicago 2019 Champion! Per seed of 16 players of course, and you’re always free to re-enter hehe.

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