Pokemon Let s Go Eevee: N Challenge – EP.2

Pokemon Let s Go Eevee: N Challenge – EP.2

Today, just a few minutes ago a brand new video called Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee: N Challenge – EP.2 was revealed by: GameNothingmuchere

As informed in the youtube page by GameNothingmuchere: Hey everyone, I have decided to play through Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, with a N Challenge stipulation. The rules are…
1. I can only have the same amount of pokemon in my party that the next gym leader has.
2.After every gym, I have to box all the pokemon I had for that gym.
3. No starter Eevee.
4. If i encounter a shiny, I can catch it and use it as a “bonus” pokemon until i defeat the next gym, then its boxed with the rest.
5.No catching pokemon for exp purposes.
6.I cant change team during a phase.
7. I have to “call” my team before I catch them.
8. I cant use the same pokemon, or pokemon evolution family more than once.
The point of the playthrough is more of a patience test, and a way to forece myself to use alot of pokemon i dont usually play with! Wish me luck!

Check Out the video below:

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