Huffle Husband Hike with Wizards Unite

Huffle Husband Hike with Wizards Unite

a few minutes ago a new video entitled Huffle Husband Hike with Wizards Unite was posted in the channel: HPWitchesUnite

As published in the page by HPWitchesUnite: Re-uploaded to include the #WBSponsored label. I missed it in the premiere version.

Follow HuffleHusband Dan on a hike through a magical forest figuring out the gameplay of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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This is a bit of a long hike, so here are some timestamps if you want to skip ahead:

00:00 Intro
00:23 Initial thoughts / Pokemon Go map comparisons
02:41 Spell mechanics / Pokemon Go encounter comparisons
03:50 Spawn rates and when to ignore stuff
05:45 Fortress Challenge / Pokemon Go battle comparisons
08:35 Rare Foundable
10:09 Energy discussion / Navigation struggles
11:19 Energy collecting and some more foundables
15:12 Another fortress and defense discussion
16:52 Portkey opening
19:04 Scenic views
19:40 Top of the mountain
20:47 Another rare foundable
22:32 And another one (facecam filled up the card)
23:42 Flag discovery and another foundable
24:56 Summary and wrap up

26:32 Bonus content! (don’t just skip ahead now)

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