PvP Draft Lausanne Round 10

PvP Draft Lausanne Round 10

just a few moments ago a another good video called PvP Draft Lausanne Round 10 was revealed by the channel: Cyril 1470

As published in the youtube page by Cyril 1470: First Pokemon Go draft tournament in Lausanne

Thanks to Kemkyrk for organizing the tournament and creating the team previews banner!

Kemkyrk’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmHnpBfUK_9cBPWEMApjDUA

Link to tournament: https://challonge.com/fr/cd77wk73

Final leaderboard:

1. Nelsonreitz
3. Kemkyrk
4. cyril1470
5. Collection03
6. Sicriss
7. Vonderface2
8. Lucas13Marklor
9. Eyemoon44
10. Carlit
11. xGian91

Watch the video :

We will continue to follow releated news and publishing anything we find

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