iPotter Tutorial : Calling All Wizards!

iPotter Tutorial : Calling All Wizards!

During this first few weeks of the nem game, Wizards Unite has been attracting all sorts of players, and like in pokemon go, a lot of these players are intrested in spoofing as a way to play this game.

A lot of communitys are bringing solutions for this segment of players, but we still advise to follow the rules of the game to avoid risking your hard work by getting plenalized on later updates.

One of the molst successful videos on this topic was “IPotter Tutorial: Calling All Wizards!” revealed by the channel: Wizard iPotter

On the video description you could finde lots of links, but moments after the post we lost access to the video. We are also having problems accessing the links that were posted on the description.

To conclude this post, if you are thinking about iPotterSpoofing, we recomend caution. IOSSpoofing still a risky option.

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