Crossing Links In Ingress

Crossing Links In Ingress

a few minutes ago a another amazing video called Crossing Links In Ingress was posted by the Youtuber: Michael Hartley

As informed in the youtube description by Michael Hartley: One thing every Ingress player quickly learns is that it’s not possible to make a link that crosses another link. It turns out, that’s not the whole truth.
Links can be made to cross. This video shows a series of experiments performed by agents in Perth, Western Australia, with crossing links in Ingress.
Watch the video and you’ll learn how to do this yourself. You’ll unlock the amazing potential crossed links have to liven up your field art.

You’ll also see our own cross-faction, cross-linking field art operation: Ops Marshmallow Man! The SitRep for the op is available at

Watch the video :

We will continue to follow the channel and publishing anything we discover

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