Drop hacking in Ingress

Drop hacking in Ingress

a few minutes ago a another video entitled Drop hacking in Ingress was uploaded in the channel: Josiah Spackman

As informed in the video page by Josiah Spackman: A quick guide to drop-hacking keys in Ingress

Step 1) Hack the portal, get a key
Step 2) Drop the key or pop it in a Capsule (Either works)
Step 3) Wait for cooldown, hack again, get another key
Step 4) Profit

If you don’t have a key in your Inventory, you have a 4/5 chance of getting one (VERY good odds). If you do, you have roughly a 1/20 chance of getting another (Abysmal odds).

In this video I apply a Heatsink to the portal which immediately “resets” all Cooldowns. If you’ve burnt out a portal, you can apply a Heatsink and it will reset all hack timers but *only* for you, and only this time when you apply it.
If you have burnt out a portal with a Common MultiHack (8 hacks) and then apply a Common HeatSink, you’ll get another 8x Hacks.
It also allows you to *immediately* hack a portal again, no waiting X minutes since your last hack

Watch the video below:

We will continue to follow the channel and publishing everything we discover

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