Geocaching with Komikino and the Kid: Hiding Caches Part 2

just a few minutes ago a new video entitled Geocaching with Komikino and the Kid: Hiding Caches Part 2 was revealed in the channel: Komikino

As informed in the by Komikino: This is part 2 to our Hiding Caches series of videos. As you can see, these were hidden during the summer months. The tree at the second cache hide in this video has grown new branches and leaves since we filmed this. We had to increase the difficulty on it a couple times because of it’s new growth of branches!
Thanks to all those that have continued to watch our videos and find our caches!
This video also shows that you don’t need expensive containers to make and hide a Geocache. You can use (water tight) containers that you might have laying around in your own household!
If you do want to buy Geocaching containers visit:
Tell them Komikino and The Kid sent you!

“Hidden Star” by: Fenzy

“Can You Feel it” by: Fenzy

Filmed with a GoPro Hero2

Special thanks to the cache owners that placed these caches for us to find!

Please be safe while you are Geocaching!
Watch out for spiders!!!

Watch the video :

We will continue to follow the news and posting everything we find

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