How To Make Geocaching C.I.T.O. containers.

How To Make Geocaching C.I.T.O. containers.

just a few minutes ago a new video entitled How To Make Geocaching C.I.T.O. containers. was revealed in the channel: Neka Dorsett

As informed in the by Neka Dorsett: With Earth Day (Week) approaching fast, we wanted to make something to help clean up our fabulous Mother Earth. Since we are Geocachers we share a passion of nature, adventure, and fun with others.
(Don’t know what Geocaching is visit: ) It is sad when we go on a hunt for a cache, get to the ground zone (cache area) and there is trash everywhere. It is even worse when we have nothing to pick it up with or put it in to carry it out of the cache area. So to fix that we made C.I.T.O. (Cache In, Trash Out) containers to put in different caches along the way. These C.I.T.O. containers are so other geocachers can help us clean up Mother Earth.

While making C.I.T.O. containers and thinking about where my love for Mother Earth came from I start thinking of the good ol’ days… my time as a “Junior Ranger”, and as a “Litter Gitter”. If it were not for my dad I wouldn’t have had these opportunities to learn so much about nature & earth. I wouldn’t be able to pass this knowledge on to my children, or their children (in the future). So a huge thank you to my Dad for making me the “Tree hugger” that I am today. ♡

Items needed:
Address labels
Small bottles
Latex-Free gloves
Small bags (I use the Dog duty bags)

Our address labels read:
Contains: 1 Glove,2 Bags to carry trash out.
Refill container with new contents & place in another cache. ♡MzSeriouz & DaFam♡”

Music: The Banana Slug String Band- Big Red

Watch the video :

We will continue to follow the news and posting everything we find

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