Let s Play Harry Potter: WIZARDS UNITE! / iOS Gameplay Part 1 (Playing Wizards Unite as Slytherin)

Let s Play Harry Potter: WIZARDS UNITE! / iOS Gameplay Part 1 (Playing Wizards Unite as Slytherin)

Today, just a few moments ago a new video titled Let’s Play Harry Potter: WIZARDS UNITE! / iOS Gameplay Part 1 (Playing Wizards Unite as Slytherin) was revealed by: Nerd Who

As written in the youtube description by Nerd Who: Hello, faithful viewer! Let’s play the new Harry Potter mobile game “Wizards Unite” a.k.a. the new Pokémon Go.

This is the 1st part of my Harry Potter Wizards Unite 2019 Gameplay/Walkthrough as a Slytherin, in which I collect my first Foundables/Confoundables and add them to the Registry, create my Ministry ID, visit a few Greenhouses and Inns to get Spell Energy, gather some Potions and Portkeys, and adventure aroud helping the Ministry of Magic the best way I can. In this video I also share my impressions/review on the Wizards Unite app as a long time Potterhead and Pokémon Go fan.

Are you enjoying #WizardsUnite game so far? Which House and Profession did you choose? Write your Friend Codes in the comments so I can add you and we can save the Wizarding World together!

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