RAIKOU Excellent Throws EVERY TIME! How To Hit More Excellent Throws + SHINY RAIKOU | Pokémon Go

RAIKOU Excellent Throws EVERY TIME! How To Hit More Excellent Throws + SHINY RAIKOU | Pokémon Go

Today, a few minutes ago a new video titled RAIKOU Excellent Throws EVERY TIME! How To Hit More Excellent Throws + SHINY RAIKOU | Pokémon Go was posted by the Youtuber: The Trainer Club

As published in the description by The Trainer Club: Are you ready for catching Shiny Raikou in Pokemon go?

Yesterday we did the complete raid guide for Raikou, today we are going to look at the gam mechanics for hitting more excellent throws on Raikou to be able to increase your chances to catch them.

Timing on the Raikou excellent throws is critical for helping you Catch the best electric attacker in Pokemon go.

So let’s learn to catch him!!

Raikou is coming back to raids for the first time to a 3 hour raid window on saturday June 29 from 4-7 pm local time. The Raikou shinhy will be officially available for raids.Let’s make sure we can catch him every time!

Raikou is part of the legendary beast trio in pokemon go that includes Raikou, Suicune and Entei. All three will have shiny raid days this summer for Pokemon Go Fest.

Included in the Raid Boss Guide:
Raikou Raid Boss Guide with 100% IV, Counters, weaknesses and best moveset:

Details of the video below:
So many of you are wondering what are the best Raikou counters to help beat him as a legendary raid boss in pokemon go… Today we are going to look at the top Raikou Counters, amount of players needed in raids and the 100 Percent IV for Raikou.

Additionally, we will cover the best Raikou moveset in Pokemon go. One moveset we have to make sure we know is that Raikou now gets shadow ball in pokemon go which is a strong move.

Raikou does get a lot of publicity on the “Raikou pokemon go reddit” feed based on him being the best electric attacker in pokemon go.

Make sure to take full advantage of the 3 hour Raikou raid window because Raikou has only been out once in pokemon go raids so his rarity is pretty high.

Let’s Catch Those Raikou!

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Full details on Professor Willow Global Challenge including Spark’s Candy event and Shiny Raikou Raids:

Credit to the Pokémon go hub Raikou raid counter guide:

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