Quick Wizards Unite Stream and Big News!

Today, a few time ago a another great video titled Quick Wizards Unite Stream and Big News! was posted by: AngelGoddess

As informed in the youtube page by AngelGoddess: Welcome to the AngelGoddess Channel!
Thank you for stopping by my YouTube Channel. If you are new make sure you love on that like button and subscribe! I love video games. I mainly stream on the weekends, Friday Nights to Sunday Nights. Unless there is something speical going. But I always post in my Discord when I am about to stream, make sure your your in there to keep up with my streaming schedule!

I have been streaming since May of 2018. I play a lot of games. Here a link to all my playlist:

I currently in the process of buying me a complete PC setup. So I have streamlabs OBS set up for me to take donations. If y ‘all don’t mind helping your girl with my PC build!!!

Here are the links to my Social Pages!!!
Discord- https://discord.gg/kPQjytD
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/AngelG0ddess
Twitter- https://twitter.com/Tech_angelica

Check Out the video :

We will keep following the news and publishing anything we discover

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