Why Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fails So Badly

Why Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fails So Badly

few minutes ago a another amazing video entitled Why Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fails So Badly was uploaded in the channel: JEC

As written in the by JEC: This video is response to many people asking why there are so little people playing Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

After checking the record for Wizards Unite, I found some interesting information which leads to my findings in this video.

The reasons are as below
1) People who invest time in Pokemon Go, wouldnt want to restart they playing experience again in Harry Potter Wizards Unite
2) People who only try out Pokemon Go for new gaming experience and wouldnt play Harry Potter Wizards unite for the same gaming experience.
3) Not interested in Harry Potter Series

So above are the reasons but Harry Potter Wizards Unite is far more interesting that Pokemon Go thus I am doing videos to attract more players to join this game!

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The video used are from Niantic, Pokemon and Harry Potter (Game Trailer)
#wizardsunite #harrypotter #niantic

Check Out the video :

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