Knives Out OST / Nathan Johnson – Blanc s Tale, Pt I

Today, just a few minutes ago a another good video entitled Knives Out OST / Nathan Johnson – Blanc ‘s Tale, Pt I was uploaded in the channel: Music Horizon

As informed in the youtube description by Music Horizon: the project is a website where you put your describe for a music and songs that you like and we will make a music which customized for you and publish\nit on youtube for free and send you an email when it’s done .\nour idea is the first in the world but we need a support so please subscribe to our channel not for being a fan and watch all of our videos but\nfor reaching more people and reach the 1000 subscriber so we can make money to start the project \n\nand for a good support \nthis is our patreon page:\n\nmaybe you think that is your support is tiny but we consider is thundering (:\n\nand thanks after all (:

Watch the video below:

We will continue to follow the news and posting everything we discover

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