How To Use a Damage Calculator for Pokemon VGC

Today, just a few minutes ago a another good video called How To Use a Damage Calculator for Pokemon VGC was published in the channel: 9th Gym

As written in the video description by 9th Gym: LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE POKEMON SWORD AND SHIELD CONTENT!\n\nSHOUTOUTS TRAINERTOWER! A GREAT RESOURCE FOR POKEMON VGC PLAYERS!\n\nDAMAGE CALCULATOR:\n\n\nDamage calculations are a huge part of Pokemon VGC and it will help a lot if you learn how to use them effectively! I use damage calculations for my own teambuilding as well as all of my guide videos. Hope you enjoy!\n\nAs always if you like this kind of content like and subscribe! And comment down below if you want to see any certain Pokemon or teams featured in future videos!\n\nMusic By:\n\n\nJOIN MY DISCORD SERVER:

Check Out the video below:

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