MY 200M TRAP VS 4 RALLIES!! I BURN?! – Lords mobile

Today, just a few minutes ago a another good video entitled MY 200M TRAP VS 4 RALLIES!! I BURN?! – Lords mobile was uploaded by: Stooo’Trap

As published in the video description by Stooo’Trap: How to get 50% To 85% Bonus on Lords mobile packs? ITS THE WAY :\n50% bonus for people who spend 200 than euros monthly\n85% bonus for people who spend more than 1000 euros monthly\n- 50% immediately\n- 25% at the end of the month when the team calcul how many you spended during the month\n- 10% from me at the end of the month..\n\n1. Got to HUAWEI AppGallery Homepage and download HUAWEI AppGallery.\\n2. Download Lords Mobile.\n3. Download HUAWEI HMS Core.\n4. (Please login with an already connected FB-Account. (Please make sure that your FB-Account is already connected to Lords Mobile.)\n5. Register on HUAWEI AppGallery and use In-App-Purchase.\n6. Change Region/country to France\n7. Send me your Huawei ID To my LINE ID : coulibali\n\n\n▶️Who Am I? \n I am a Youtuber, I make gameplay/ tutos videos on the game Lords mobile. I do lots of traps videos!\nI have played for more than 4 years on this game, I have played in many guilds. I have lots of experience in solo trapping, I probably made more than 150 videos on solo trap videos, some are the best on Youtube. if you are interested on Solo Trap video, take a look to my channel! You will have fun! I capped many 11K heroes on Lords mobile, I capped mythic champ gear, lot of gangbangs from big players, ate rallies as a solo trap. Recently I have two rallies trap! They are really low might and that’s why people like to much to see these video! I cap big players with pact 5, mythic gears with 200M might. This is really fun!! After T5 troops release on Lords mobile, I am the first Youtuber to make trap test on T5 and capped them! I have and will have tons of T5 troops getting capped by solo trap \u0026 rally traps. \n\nPaypal to donate me :\u0026hosted_button_id=BFLWD3HEWWDFQ\u0026source=url\nPaypal :\u0026hosted_button_id=BFLWD3HEWWDFQ\u0026source=url\n▶️ CONTACT ME : \n✅ If you are interested by a partner ship here is my mail : [email protected] \n✅ If you are interested by what I do, you can mail me on line, my ID is Coulibali\n✅ If you are interested on joining my discord group, click on this link : Up

Check Out the video below:

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