a few minutes ago a another video called MEGA EVOLUTION – RAID BATTLE POKEMON GO ! was published by: adodido

As written in the youtube page by adodido: #MEGAEVOLUTION #PokemonGO #Pokemon\n\nMEGA CHARIZARD X, Y, MEGA VENUSAUR, MEGA BLASTOISE!\nRaid Battle Pokemon GO Kedatangan Mega Evo!\nUdah Raid Mega Evo apa? COMMENT\n\n\nCEK DUNIA GAMES UNTUK TAHU INFO GAMES TERBARU!!!\nPOKEMON GO :\n\n\n\n\n\n\ninstagram :\n\n\ntwitter :\n\n\nFacebook :\n\n\n\n_____________________________________________________________________\n\n\n\n\n\nFOLLOW INSTAGRAM BIAR NGGAK KETINGGALAN INFO \u0026 EVENT POKEMON GO !!!\n\n\n\n\ninstagram : adodido\n\nSUPPORT DONATE pake GOPAY, OVO, DANA, LinkAja :\n\n\n__________________________________________________________________\n\n\nPokémon is Copyright Gamefreak, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company 2001-2016\n\nAll images and names owned and trademarked by Nintendo, Niantic, The Pokémon Company, and Gamefreak are property of their respective owners.

Watch the video :

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