Relic Ragnarok Online Teaser

Relic Ragnarok Online Teaser

few time ago a another amazing video called Relic Ragnarok Online Teaser was uploaded in the channel: Relic Ragnarok Online

As informed in the video page by Relic Ragnarok Online: 💻🆙 Download links are now up in our website! Kindly check it in 🆙💻\n📱Download Link for AndRO APK ( Mobile ) :\n🔴 Join our Community 🔴\nFacebook Page:\nFacebook Group:\nRelicRO Forum:\nDiscord Channel:\nVisit our website at\n\n🔘Server Rates 🔘\n▪️10000x Base Experience\n▪️10000x Job Experience\n▪️1000x Drop Rates\n▪️10% Normal Card | 5% MvP Card\n▪️1% Rare Boss Card\n▪️0.10% Rare Boss Card (Bloody Branch)\n🔘 Server Basic Information 🔘\n▪️Server Type: Modified PK / Agi Based / Farm Server\n▪️Episode 13.2 : Encounter with the Unknown\n▪️Pure 2-2 Transcendent Classes\n▪️Custom Job ( Padawan – Jedi – Sith )\n▪️Max Levels: 255 (Base) and 100 (Job) FROST SERVER\n▪️Max Stats: 255\n▪️Instant Cast: 150 DEX\n▪️Max SP Cap ( Asura ) : 4000\n▪️Economy Based ( zeny and credits only )\n▪️Gold Room\n▪️PVP Points \u0026 Shop\n▪️Hourly Points \u0026 Shop\n▪️Vote Points \u0026 Shop\n▪️Break The Seal Quest( Donate Set )\n▪️Costume Converter NPC\n▪️Max Storage/Guild Storage Capacity: 1000\n▪️Max Zeny: 2,000,000,000\n▪️Server Timezone: GMT + 8\n▪️Main Language: English\n▪️Max party size: 30 members\n▪️Max guild size: 20 members\n▪️Guild member cap on WoE: 20 members\n▪️Guild alliances are disabled during WoE\n▪️Max character slots per account: 15\n🔘Game And Host 🔘\n▪️Multi-client: Enabled\n▪️Adelay System (Anti-No Delay/Speedhack)\n▪️Gepard Shield 3.0\n▪️DDoS Protection and Mitigation\n▪️Internet/Network speed: 2GB/sec\n▪️Bandwidth traffic: Unlimited\n▪️Dedicated Game Server\n🔘 Available Player Commands 🔘\ncommands, lgp, shake, circle, square, aoes, nobc, seeitems, go, warp, who2, storage, gstorage, time, storeall, rates, refresh, autoloot, mobinfo, iteminfo, whodrops, whereis, showexp, showdelay, autotrade, changegm, changeleader, whosell, whobuy, pk, garbage, commands2

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