Among Us, but in Discord…

Among Us, but in Discord…

Today, just a few time ago a another video called Among Us, but in Discord… was uploaded by: Lumiobyte

As informed in the video description by Lumiobyte: #amongus #discord #discordamongus\n\nIn this video, me and my friends played the new game Among Us , but we played it in Discord ! We created a Discord Bot that ran the game of Among Us and we were able to do tasks, call emergency meetings, report bodies, be crewmates and impostors, and more! We made a server of the map The Skeld with all the different rooms and we moved around completing tasks while the impostor was killing off crewmates .\n\nJOEYO 19 – THIS VIDEO WAS HIS IDEA! Subscribe to him!\nCheck out his video of this: give it a watch!\n\nMy Discord Server (join to be in future videos):\n\nThis was absolutely awesome!\n\nThis is not Among Us compilation, among us Impostor compilation, among us tutorial, among us hack, among us help, among us stream, or anything else. This is among us but played in discord, discord among us, where we play among us in discord using a discord bot. Among us discord server game.\n\nThanks for watching! 💕

Check Out the video :

We will keep following the channel and posting anything we find

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