a few moments ago a another great video called FREE FLICKER FOR THE TEAM – MATHILDA NEW HERO IN MOBILE LEGENDS was published by the Youtuber: Elgin

As published in the video page by Elgin: So we have a new hero in advance server and she is called Mathilda, the Swift Plume.\nShe looks so alive compared to the other hero models.\nIt’s probably because of her moving eyes.\nShe is also the first hero to have the support slash assassin role.\n\nHer story tells us that she is Clint’s friend and they are both after the boss villain, Waldo Kane.\nAnyway, let’s check out her skills.\n\nHer passive skill is called Ancestral Guidance and it enhances her next basic attack once this counter reaches 50.\nIt will increase if she moves.\nOnce it reaches 50, her next basic attack will deal magic damage.\nAfter the basic attack, her movement speed will increase by 50% for 2.5 seconds.\n\nHer 1st skill is called Power of Ancestors.\nActivating the skill allows her to collect stacks.\nShe can collect them by moving around while her 1st skill is activated.\nOnce the timer is done or if she presses the skill, it will release the stacks and deal damage to the nearest enemy.\nShe can collect up to 4 stacks.\nIt’s similar to her passive skill where you need to move to gain stacks.\n\nHer 2nd skill is called Wind Force.\nIt lets her dash just like this.\nAfter landing, she will create a field around her.\nIf a teammate is inside her field, they will gain a special skill that lets them dash toward Mathilda.\nHere is an example.\n\nThis is what the skill looks like.\nUsing it will make Clint dash to Mathilda.\n\nIf an ally moves away from Mathilda’s field, the skill will disappear after 2 seconds.\n\nHer ultimate is called Lightness.\nIt will immobilize the target and leave a mark.\nUsing the skill again will make her fly around the marked target for 3 seconds.\nWhile flying, she will deal damage to nearby enemies.\nShe gains cc immunity and 60% damage reduction while flying.\nAfter flying, she will knock-back the marked target like this.\nIf there are several enemies nearby, they will also be pushed back.\nPressing the skill will stop her from flying and will immediately knock-back the marked target.\n\nMoving away from the marked target will cancel the skill.\n\nSo her skills are pretty easy to understand.\nHopefully, its also easy to implement in a real match.\nHer 2nd skill can help allies chase and escape.\nWhen she’s around, the whole team gets a free flicker spell.\nNotice: This content is created based on Moonton’s Material and complies with Derivative Content Policy, Moonton does not endorse this content.

Watch the video below:

We will keep following the channel and publishing anything we discover

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