Today, a few minutes ago a new video entitled STATE OF THE TOWNSHIP was posted by: Shelby TV

As informed in the description by Shelby TV: See what’s been happening in Shelby Township with Supervisor Rick Stathakis at this year’s State of the Township.\n\nFacebook: \nShelby Township website: \n\nAbout Shelby TV: The Shelby Township Community Relations Department provides accurate information to the public through all means of communication. The Community Relations Department has two divisions, Communications and Broadcast Services, which oversees the Shelby TV studios and content. Shelby TV is responsible for the Township’s government access channels. Each station offers residents an alternative to keep informed of the Shelby Township government’s workings and programs that highlight the reasons why Shelby Township is a better place.

Watch the video below:

We will continue to follow the news and publishing anything we find

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