Pokemon GO Spoofer v2 – NO BAN NEW – how to spoof on pokemon go no jailbreak no ban ios 13

Pokemon GO Spoofer v2 – NO BAN NEW – how to spoof on pokemon go no jailbreak no ban ios 13

just a few minutes ago a another great video titled Pokemon GO Spoofer v2 – NO BAN NEW – how to spoof on pokemon go no jailbreak no ban ios 13 was revealed in the channel: JWIILA SAMATI

As published in the youtube page by JWIILA SAMATI: NOT everyone can spoof.\n\nNew apk, new bans with it, New fgl pro app with no bans. 115.2 is safe and update isnt forced yet.\nFGL Pro is the only app i recommend as i use it personally.\n\nCannot spoof android below android 5.2 unless root, or is too new. which is now a bannable offence.\n\nDownload fgl pro. dont open.\nGo to security settings, disable device admins. Stops your android from detecting that you are spoofing.\nMy version is currently 12.8.74. (0404080) Numbers behind dont matter.\nIf you have a newer phone you may not be able to find it. Thus you are kinda screwed.\nUninstall google play services\n\nSee you afterwards.\n\n\nLink in description below for apkmirror website of 12.6.85.\nIf cant install, try force stopping, clear cache/ data of google play services, disable google play services while installing, turn off phone and restart.\nMake sure it is the correct the version or else it will glitch out.\n\n\nClear cache and data of maps.\nDisable auto updates, disable google PLAY store not SERVICES.\nOpen developer mode, fgl pro as mock app.\nother apps are unsafe and can detect if you have mock locations on.\n\n\nopen fgl pro, allow permissions.\nerror 11 fixes, try all methods, use data instead of wifi. move joystick, normal to have random popups\n\nerror 12 fixes, STOP SPOOFING, your phone may not be compatible, enable secure mocking, make sure app is selected.\n\nLOG in error, if it is stuck halfway, reset poke go, reinstall, restart phone.\nlog in infinite: relog. If not your phone may not be compatible to spoof on.\n\n\nYES lag when moving joystick is normal, just deal with it.\n\n\ntags:Pokemon GO Spoofer v2 – NO BAN NEW – look no more if you want to know how to spoof on pokemon go this is the easiest tutorial!\npokemon go hack ★ pokemon go spoofer ★ hack pokemon go ★ spoofing pokemon go ★ pokemon go ★ pokemon go android hack ★ pokemon go joystick ★ how to spoof on pokemon go ★ pokemon go spoofer 2020 ★ pokemon go spoofing ★ spoof pokemon go ★ pokemon go ios hack ★ pokemon go android spoofing ★ pokemon go gps ★ pokemon go spoofing 2020 ★ how to hack pokemon go ★ pokemon go spoof ★ pokemon go hack 2020 ★ pokemon go ios spoofing ★ pokemon go joystick hack.\nbrand new pokemon go spoofing ios 2020 with no human verification download✅ ispoofer is shut down not working so get get your always working ipogo pokemon go spoofing for ios 2020 with joystick ✅ download pokemon go spoofer iphone or ipad ios – joystick teleport and more! pokemon go spoofing ios 2020 ✅ ipogo pokemon go spoofer no human verification ✅ brand new – free.\nstop soft ban on pokémongo ios ✅ no ban while spoofing pokemon go. pokemon go hack new 2020 🔸 spoofer: android/ios ✅ how to get free spoofing joystick gps \u0026 teleport.\n||pokemon go hacked version spoofer v2 no ban•| •||at android and ios|||•.

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