Among us and warrior cats 504 hour map (closed )(begginer friendly)

Today, just a few time ago a another video titled Among us and warrior cats 504 hour map (closed )(begginer friendly) was revealed by the Youtuber: Ashmist

As published in the youtube description by Ashmist: Sorry for sooo many maps!!!\nI just love doing them :3\nAnyway, this is just a short, fun map OwO \n Here are the rules:\n\n1: if you haven’t played among us, or if you haven’t read warrior cats, you can’t join sorry.\n2: discord is HIGHLY encouraged!!! Though, it’s ok if you can’t.\n3: backups are open!\n4: thumbnail contest is open!\n5: please use hashtag: #ashfurissusmap\n6: follow the script! If you don’t, I’ll ask you to redo it.\n7: begginer friendly + first come first serve\n8: no tracing please.\n9: use the backgrounds provided in the script.\n10: use your own designs! (Or someone elses)\n11: as you can see in the title, this is a 504 hour map. (Three weeks) so that is the due date :3\n12: code: ashfur is sus\n13: have fun!!!\n\nScript:\nSong:\nDiscord: Discord:\n\nParts taken:\n1: radioactive\n2: twiix\n3: me\n4: crystal cat 24\n5: Ajax the crazy dog QwQ\n6: Xd AJPW\n7: daisy animation\n8: rejsii \n9: simple Simon \n10: rose fur\n11: blue animates\nBackups:\n\nThumbnails:

Watch the video below:

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