Among Us – WE ALL WEAR THE “RED HAT” – Ep.1

Today, a few minutes ago a another great video called Among Us – WE ALL WEAR THE “RED HAT” – Ep.1 was uploaded by the channel: RedHatGvng Amongus

As informed in the page by RedHatGvng Amongus: Hi guys. This is my first video. I want to create a wave on “Among Us” based on wearing the red hat. Help me to make possibile this thing.\n\n[I CREATED ALL THE SONGS ON THE VIDEO]\nI put here the link to listen to them:\n00.00 – 02.12 (Joyoflife – MVR€0): \”not yet on Youtube\”\n02.12 – 03.45 (Techbeach – MVR€0):\n03.46 – 05.42 (Sunsong – MVR€0):\n05.43 – 07.49 (Relaxed – MVR€0): \”not yet on Youtube\”\n07.50 – 09.36 (Time to Rock – MVR€0): \”not yet on Youtube\”\n09.37 – 11.43 (Dance ’90 – MVR€0):\n\nIf you want tu support me, follow the channel where i share my songs:\n\nI’M ALSO ON SOUNDCLOUD:

Check Out the video below:

We will continue to follow the channel and publishing everything we find

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