Gaurs Group opens school at its Yamuna City Township

Today, few moments ago a another video entitled Gaurs Group opens school at its Yamuna City Township was posted by the channel: Realty & More

As written in the by Realty & More: Gaurs Group opened its third school at its Gaur Yamuna City township project. Speaking to R\u0026M TV on the occasion, Manoj Gaur, MD Gaurs Group said that by opening schools in its integrated township projects, the company is promoting walk-to-school concept. “Students will save a lot of time and energy by walking to school and they can devote more time to sports and other co-curricular activities”, said Gaur. Director of Gaurs Group Manju Gaur while informed R\u0026M TV that enhanced security measures have been adapted in the school. “The school is RFID, QR code enabled. The parents will receive alerts when their kids reach school and also when they return home”, said Gaur.

Watch the video below:

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