Pokemon Let s Go, Eevee! – No Exp Part 8: Sabrina

few minutes ago a another good video entitled Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee! – No Exp Part 8: Sabrina was uploaded in the channel: MoogleBoss

As published in the youtube page by MoogleBoss: Challenge playlist:\nhttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbSv8zSDR9c0MqJVL3krwAIJDGLmKdidd\n\nThe penultimate gym leader battle. Sabrina does use some dual type Pokemon, unlike Blaine (considering she actually has the options in Kanto), but they don’t exactly excel in coverage. Mr. Mime and Alakazam may have SOME way of attacking dark-types (entirely absent barring the in-game trades of Alolan origin) but these ways are far from powerful – Double-Slap and Night Shade respectively. Even Jynx packs Ice Punch running off her 50 base phys atk stat, leaving Slowbro as the sole somewhat optimal water-type.\n\nThe battle isn’t a complete joke however. Mr. Mime runs dual screens and is very likely to set one of them up before it goes down, and psychic/fairy is not the worst defensive typing when you think about it: the ghost-type is represented by the Gastly family which has no business taking on Mr. Mime a dozen levels senior, and poison-types like Weezing are afraid of being outsped and hit by Psychic too. The steel-type is also not well-represented since it’s Kanto we’re dealing with here, Magneton being the accessible and appropriately-levelled pick. \n\nMagneton would 2HKO normally, but Light Screen is too likely to go up. The same applies to Reflect, which may or may not be used. In this recording, Reflect isn’t used on the 2nd turn, with Mime dying to a crit on the same turn. This is kinda important because…\n\nSlowbro is about to enter the field, and the light screen up on the foe’s side will now last an extra turn. This isn’t favourable, as Slowbro now has additional longevity on the special side. My electric-type hitman of choice, Electabuzz, is humanoid and therefore has access to Brick Break. Its damage may be pitiful against the bulky psychic-type, but it removes the screen and would remove Reflect had it been set up as well. Thunderbolt is then used to destroy Slowbro.\n\nJynx is switching in next, and Magmar is a respectable counter. It’s Modest in nature (-atk +sp atk) but still has better luck targeting the weaker phys defence stat with a lower-BP move in Fire Punch over Flamethrower. Jynx is sure to fall in one hit.\n\nAlakazam is Sabrina’s last and most legendary Pokemon, but don’t expect an epic showdown. The ingame trade Alolan Meowth is immune to psychic and healthy enough to survive two Night Shades. Its Foul Play comes close to OHKOing Zam and is our attack of choice.\n\nI’ve just realised Foul Play’s dark typing is arguably wasted. Neither psychic nor ghost types are generally known for their high physical attack when you think about it. Why didn’t they make a fairy-type move with the same properties instead? Fairies and playing go together well, and dark, fighting and dragon Pokemon are far more likely to be well-endowed in the physical attack area. \n\nI suppose our high levels make this a safe fight. I could’ve done this gym prior to Blaine; really, it doesn’t matter much as the Pokemon available are the same.

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