Today, a few minutes ago a another good video entitled RWBY CHARACTERS PLAY AMONG US PART 1 was posted in the channel: Lady Kei

As written in the by Lady Kei: THE REAL WAR OF REMNANT\n\nDISCLAIMER: THESE ARE NOT THE REAL VOICE ACTORS OF RWBY/ROOSTERTEETH. THIS IS ALL PURELY FAN-MADE. ALL RIGHTS AND PROPERTIES BELONG TO ROOSTERTEETH.\n\nFOLLOW ME ON TWITCH\n\n\nLADY KEI’S PUBLIC SERVER:\n\n\nAlpha Falcontail as Winter Schnee\nYoutube: A. Falcontail…\nTwitter: @AlphaNekotail \nTwitch: Alpha_Nekotail\n\nJP as Jacques Schnee,\nTwitter: @jpdarealman\n\nVoreva as Whitley Schnee\nInstagram: True_Caffiene_Addict\nDiscord: I am Vorva #8083\nRWBY Amino: Good™\n\nRitsuko as Oscar Pine\nSteam – Mako\nDiscord – Ritsuko#6258\nBattlenet – Ritsuko#11934\nUplay – Ritsuko__ \nOrigin – Ritsyko\nPSN – silent_hazy\nTwitter – @silent_hazy\nInstagram – not_a.persona\n\nJayden as Qrow Branwen\nTwitter: @ItsFknMordecai\nInstagram: aleksandr_shalk\nDiscord: Micropenis The Mighty.#3458\nSteam: RobBobTehCornCob\n\nSpectra as Mercury Black\nDiscord-Spectra#4111\nSteam-MercWithAMouth\nXbox-MercWithANeo\[email protected]\n\nRyan as James Ironwood\nInstagram: ryan.cassese\nEmail: [email protected]\nDiscord: Bad Luck Charm#3376\nTwitter: @CasseseRyan\nPSN: GulfCoast1\nXbox: GulfCoastGaming\n\nJared as Maria Calavera\nDiscord:Jared#2872\nTwitter:@TrueMVPjk\nSteam:Jared\n\n\n==========\nIf you want to be a Voice Actor of a RWBY character or any character , contact me via Discord or email.\nLady Godfather#6982\nor\[email protected] \n==========\nTwitch: keichannyan\nTwitter: @KeiChanNyaw\nInstagram: jeikeikali\nDiscord: LadyGodfather#6982\nUplay: LadyGodfather\nSteam: Lady Godfather\nEmail: [email protected]\nBattleNet: KeiChanNyan#6982

Watch the video :

We will continue to follow the channel and posting anything we find

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