a few moments ago a another video titled HALLOWEEN CUP LET’S GO!! POKEMON GO PVP was posted by: RocketGruntMike

As written in the page by RocketGruntMike: #GBL #Halloween Cup\n\nShadow Mawile, Wigglytuff, Beedrill, Azumarill, Alolan Marowak — I CHOOSE YOU!!\n\nListen to Mike’s new song, \”the Night That You Call\” ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah1XgPH_syc\n\nJoin our Discord! https://discord.gg/Q9tamq\nGet your Rocket Grunt gear! https://rocketgruntmike.com/merch\n\n———\n\nROCKET POINTS\nCheck how many points you have by typing !points in the chat\n\nTo earn Rocket Points:\n- watch the stream (1 Point every 5 minutes)\n- subscribe (25 points) If you don’t automatically get the 25 Points after subbing, then let me know in the live chat that you subscribed and I’ll give you the points myself.\n- participate in the chat\n- join the stream right at the beginning (3 points)\n- stay until the end of the stream (3 points)\n- donate! 20 Rocket Points for every dollar! https://rocketgruntmike.com \n\nRedeem points for:\n\nLIKED THE VIDEO! (0 points): Let me know you liked the video! In the chat, type !redeem like\n\nI’M LURKING!! (5 points): Let me know you’re lurking around! In the chat, type !redeem lurk\n\nSEND ME A GIFT! (10 points): Ask me to send you an in-game gift! Only use this if we’re in-game friends. In the chat, type !redeem gift\n\nTRAINER CHALLENGE (40 points): Challenge me to a battle! Valid anytime. In the chat, type !redeem challenge, and let me know in the chat what league you want to play! You can be specific, for example \”Ultra Premier\”. Note: This can only be redeemed once every twenty minutes, so if the bot isn’t responding to your command, someone probably redeemed it recently!\n\nIN-GAME FRIENDSHIP (10 points): Be in-game friends with me for 7 days! Redeem this every 7 days to ensure that we remain friends. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee, since I delete old friends to make room for new ones. This way, I’m friends with the most current active viewers! I really appreciate you all and wish I could be in-game friends with all of you! But sadly there’s a 200-friend limit. To redeem this, in the chat, type !redeem friends. If we’re already friends, we’ll stay friends for another week! If we’re not already friends, I’ll show you my trainer code on the screen. Send me a friend request using my code, and then let me know what your in-game name is by typing it in the live chat. I’ll look for your request and accept it!\n\nTHAT WAS EPIC (5 points): Highlight an epic moment in the livestream! In the chat, type !redeem epic\n\nRATING? (5 points): Ask me what his current GBL rating is. In the chat, type !redeem rating\n\nLOL (5 points): Laugh out loud for the stream to hear! In the chat, type !redeem lol\n\nGGs! (1 point): Let me know it was a good game! In the chat, type !redeem gg\n\nGO MIKE!! (5 points): Let me know you’re cheering me on! In the chat, type !redeem cheer\n\nSWAMPERT IS OP! (5 points): Protest Swampert! In the chat, type !redeem swampert\n\nSNORLAX IS UNMOVABLE! (5 points): Highlight Snorlax’s tankiness! !redeem snorlax\n\nLET IT OUT, MIKE (5 points): Be there for me when I lose a battle! 😭

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