[144hz] Ragnarok by Knobbelboy and more (Extreme Demon)

It was just revealed in the channel Blackmg, another video “[144hz] Ragnarok by Knobbelboy and more (Extreme Demon)”.

As informed in the description by Blackmg: “unedited video tommorow\n\nIt feels so good to know that I won’t ever have to worry about this level again. I started playing it in July 2019, went back and forth with playing it until a month ago, when I started making progress very quickly, getting 74% (the previous best having been 67% as a fluke from 47% a month prior).\nThis level is really bad, the balancing is all over the place, 12-14% was random, platnuu’s wave was way harder than the rest of his part, the 81% wave also felt random to me, and the predrop was simply put incredibly boring, it pretty much ruined my experience with the level as a whole.\n\nFails: 74×3 75×3 76×4 79 81×5 82×2 84 85 87 88 89×2 98\nTotal attempts: 35416 \n\nThumbnail by Monster”

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