Gowipe Attack | #strategy | Traget On TH8 | Clash of Clans – COC

Moments ago it was pubished in the channel Krishna Vaviya, another amazing video “Gowipe Attack | #strategy | Traget On TH8 | Clash of Clans – COC”.

As pubished in the youtube video by Krishna Vaviya: “I have been in TH8 for a while now, an I have discovered that there are plenty of attacking strategies used for different purposes whether that’s low cost armies for farming, or higher cost armies for looting, destruction and star loot bonus.\n\n This strategy is recommended use on rushed town halls and use this strategy for clan wars against rushers.\n \n Gowipe strategy is good but if you are doing war and the opponents clan castle is at the center and you can’t reach it before placing the golem then it isn’t easy to get 3 stars. \n\nExecution: \n\n✓Send two Golems on one side of the base approximately 10-15 tiles from each other.\nSend however many needed Wall Breakers to break the wall.\n✓Send the Wizards in a wave behind the Golems to destroy the outside buildings. To destroy Barbarian king and Bomb tower.\n✓Send in more Wall Breakers until the core is breached.\n✓Send in all Hog riders for left/right side. Once in the core, drop a Healing and Rage spell them.\n\nConclusion: \n Make sure your Wizards destroy the Clan Castle troops quickly enough so the Golems and Hog riders won’t get wrecked by them.\n\n\nNeeded army:\n\nGolem – 2 (level 2) \nHog riders – 14 (level 4) \nWizards – 12 (level 5) \nWall breakers – 10 (level 5) \nGoblins – 2 (level 5) \nBarbarian King (level 10) \nRage spell – 1 ( level 5) \nHealing spell – 2 (level 5) \n\nClan Castle(CC) Troop:\n\nPoison spell – 1 ( level 2)\n\nDo Like , Share and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel🤗\n\nAlso, Follow on Instagram: \nhttps://instagram.com/clashofclans__coc_?igshid=1quww14hyya4p\n\n#coc#clash#clashofclans#clashofchampions#clashofclan#dragonattack#cocdragon#attack#gamer#clashofclansbase#clashofclansaddict#clashofclansyoutube#like#comment#subscribe”

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