Pokémon Go Account Lv40 Vip 💯 (Victini,Zekrom,Articuno,Melmetal), ✨Shiny 638✨, 💯=318 || Nakib90

Moments ago it was pubished in the channel Nakibo90, the great video “Pokémon Go Account Lv40 Vip 💯 (Victini,Zekrom,Articuno,Melmetal), ✨Shiny 638✨, 💯=318 || Nakib90”.

As informed by Nakibo90: “🐬Account Lv40 Vip\n💥Price cheap\n💯Victini,Zekrom,Articuno,Melmetal,\n✨Shiny 638\n💯318\n💥2,4m dust\n🐬Legendary9X \n🐬2550bag,2400items \n🐬Gmail account \n🐬Name\u0026Gmail:changeable \n🐬No slash,No Warning,No Shadow \n🐬Payment PayPal \n🐬Contact me\n\n‪ #Pokemongo #Legendary #Shiny\nI seller cheap accounts Pokemon Go(all team)😍Legendary😍A lot of candy \u0026dust💪Pokemon iv100💪Change name\u0026email\n🔥 Anyone wants to buy an account can contact me\n\n🔥My twitter: ( https://twitter.com/Nakibo90 )\n\n🔥My facebook: ( https://www.facebook.com/xanh.bien.5 )\n\n🔥Instagram: https://instagram.com/nakibo90\n🔥Whatapp: +84349578145”

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