So I Decided to go on the Pokemon Reddit…

Just a few minutes ago it was revealed by the channel WolfeyVGC, the amazing video “So I Decided to go on the Pokemon Reddit…”.

As pubished in the youtube page by WolfeyVGC: “Subscribe for daily Sword/Shield content! \nSo I decided to check out the Pokemon subreddit…\n\nCheck out all my Sword and Shield videos in this playlist!\n\nWorld Champ Reacts to How Good was Charizard ACTUALLY:\n\nMy first Pokemon tournament:\n\nThe hardest item to get in Sword and Shield:\n\nIs Galarian Slowbro good:\n\n7 Tips to Always win in Among Us:\n\n#PokemonSwordShield #VGC20 #WolfeyVGC\nWatch me live on Twitch:\nMusic by Glitch:\n”

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