fortnite downtime – ( Game News ) FORTNITE downtime is scheduled today, and Epic Games has warned that update 18.10 will be bigger tha…

fortnite downtime – ( Game News ) FORTNITE downtime is scheduled today, and Epic Games has warned that update 18.10 will be bigger tha…

( Game News )

FORTNITE downtime is scheduled today, and Epic Games has warned that update 18.10 will be bigger than most patches.

Fortnite update 18.10 is launching today and is expected to be one of the most significant patches so far for Season 8.

Epic Games has warned before shutting down servers that today’s patch will be bigger on some platforms as part of its usual announcement.

Offering just a snippet of information when it comes to what will be included, the Fortnite support team has confirmed that this week’s update will be large for those playing on Xbox and Nintendo platforms.

They have also told gamers that its next patch will \”bring the heat\”, which could mean a new item or map change is being planned.

The new Chug Splash recovery item is expected to make its debut early during Season 8 and allow gamers to heal 20 health while also providing a speed boost.

This is expected to have some kind of spicy tagline, which likely means it will be arriving today as part of the new patch.

Epic Games has also confirmed that important background tweaks are also being made to make the XP system run smoothly.

An earlier message from the game’s support team reads: \”We’ve noticed that XP gained in Battle Royale this season isn’t where we’d like it to be and are making a variety of improvements.

\”We’ll update everyone on 9/28 with the changes we’re making.

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