24 HOUR LIVE STREAM WEEKEND: Pokemon Lets Go Eevee Playthrough

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few time ago a new video called 24 HOUR LIVE STREAM WEEKEND: Pokemon Lets Go Eevee Playthrough was revealed by: The Nerd Encounter

As written in the description by The Nerd Encounter: Part of the 24 hour stream weekend which starts at 8am PST and ends at 11PM PST with an hour break between each stream! Schedule is the same for Saturday and Sunday!

8am-11am PST: Pokémon Ruby All Random Nuzlocke Run
Noon-3PM PST: Super Mario U Deluxe for Nintendo Switch
4-7PM PST: Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee Playthrough
8-11PM PST: Pokemon Ultra Sun VGC Ultra Series Road to Ranked/Wi-Fi Fan Battles!

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