About Us

About Us

We are a couple fans who loves “Geolocation + AR” based games and Harry Potter.

When we heard that “Harry Potter Wizards Unite” managed to put this two amazing things together in a single game, we knew we had to try it!

After a few days into the game, discovering new things we faced a few problems, and naturally googled for help.

As the games was in a beta stage, not a lot of players had access to it, and many times we couldnt find what we were looking for.

This didnt slow us down, in fact, it motivated us to find the solutions and share with as many people as we could. Then, a new idea came up: What better way to share with others than creatinga a fan blog with a lot of information to help our fellow wizards?

That´s how HPWUPlay was born!

Now We hope to share as many information and help fans of geolocation and ar based games as possible!

Please fell free to contact us or comment on the posts! Let us know what you think. This help us grow and bring more information for other fans like us!