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Today, few moments ago a brand new video called Among Us Live Stream India was posted by the channel: RakaZone Gaming

As written in the youtube description by RakaZone Gaming: NVIDIA Reflex page: \n\n💲 Sponsor • \n💲 Donation Via UPI • [email protected]\n💲 Donation Via PayPal • \n🔫 CSGO Trade Link •\n \nEvery Tip Is Appreciated 🙏\n\nAffiliate •\n📷 Instagram •\n🕊️ Twitter •\n👍 FB Page •\n😃 Discord •\n👪 Steam Group •\n🕹️ Twitch •\n▶️ Main Channel •\n\n\n🖥️ PC Specs\n• i9 9900K , 32 GB DDR4 RAM , ASUS ROG Strix Z390-F, GPU RTX 2080 Super 8GB\n• Camera – Logitech C-922 \n• Mic- Samson c03u\n• Headset – JBL QUANTUM 600 (JBLRAKAZONE10)\n• Keyboard – Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard\n• Mouse – Logitech G304 Wireless Gaming Mouse\n• Monitor – Lenovo Y27g 27-Inch 144 HZ\n\n💰 Benefits Of Being A Sponsor 💰\n\n• Get’s a custom badge \u0026 Emoji’s \n• Can play with me on non-sub games\n• Can join discord voice channel on non-sub games\n• Participate in Sponsor’s only Giveaway’s.\n\nAbout RakaZone Gaming 👦🏻\n\n• Rishab Karanwal\n• 27\n• New Delhi, India\n\n\nDid you know? 4 out of 5 gamers on STEAM play on an Intel®-powered PC.\nI personally recommend going for the Intel Core i7 9th Gen processor, as it allows you to Game, Record \u0026 Stream simultaneously without any complications. It’s time to switch to the power of Intel, and unleash the gamer in you! Check out the link:\n\nAlso, if you guys are interested in getting the latest gaming updates, exclusive offers, killer deals \u0026 freebies, and surprise game codes, do sign up for their gaming program:\n\n#RakaZoneGaming Playing #AmongUs Today #GameOnIntel

Check Out the video below:

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