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Today, a few time ago a another great video entitled ARTICUNO RAID COUNTER GUIDE 2020 (POKEMON GO) was uploaded by the youtube channel: LEGENDARY ADVENTURES

As informed in the youtube description by LEGENDARY ADVENTURES: #PokemonGo #Articuno #RaidGuide \nYo champs in the making!!! That ice cold legendary bird is back and ready for a battle but are you? Time to get ready with the rock squad, the shadow clan and the Mega’s. Take a quick peek on which Pokémon to use to build your elite team and the Calvary.\n\n► TURN ON OUR POST NOTIFICATION \u0026 SUBSCRIBE TO JOIN THE LEGENDARY SQUAD:\n\n► LET’S BE FRIENDS!! \n INSTAGRAM:\n TWITTER:\n\n► BUSINESS INQUIRIES— [email protected] \n \n►CHECK OUT OUR NEW VLOG CHANNEL!\n\n► IMPORTANT ©◄\n ©1996-2000 Game Freak Inc. \u0026 Nintendo Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.\nDisclaimer: All music and images belong to their respective owners. There is no copyright infringement intended for the sound or picture used in this video.\nIf any artist has copyright issues with my videos, please contact me and I will remove it immediately! \n\n► SCREEN WATCHING︱ RED BORDER IS BECKY’S SCREEN \u0026 GREEN BORDER IS ELI’S SCREEN \n\n► BORED? WATCH OUR POPULAR VIDEOS︱\n\n▪ MY *BEST* SAFARI ZONE \u0026 HIS *WORST* SAFARI ZONE EVER!!!\n\n▪ HOW TO BEAT ARMORED MEWTWO IN 2020 *RAID COUNTERS*\n\n▪ SHINY DARKRAI IS THAT YOU?? MYTHICAL RAIDS\n\n▪ SO MANY *SHINY* MEWTWOS \u0026 A SHUNDO!! *reactions* \n\n▪ PERFECT IVS FOR ABRA COMMUNITY DAY + TIPS\n\n▪ NEW SHINY!! GENGAR \u0026 NIDORINO PARTY HAT *RAID* DAY EVENT!!\n\n▪ LOUSY INCENSE ONLY BROUGHT ME SENTRET! POKEMON GO INCENSE DAY\n\n▪ EVERY SHINY SNUBBULL = A SHOT *REALLY DUMB IDEA*\n\n▪ LUCKY FRIENDS TRADE *MEWTWO*\n\n▪ WATCH OUR PAST COMMUNITY DAYS

Check Out the video :

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